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Five Healthy Travel Tips

Five Healthy Travel Tips

If I had a nut for every time I’ve heard “Well, I’ll be traveling next week so I probably won’t be eating very healthy”, I’d have enough gorp to get me through about 27 hikes. Let me say upfront, some do not want to watch what they eat while on their latest...

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Fueling the Side Hustle

Fueling the Side Hustle

Let me guess.  You’re busy. You’re juggling about 14 different projects right now and they all require attention, energy and focus.  Your time is on a budget, sleep isn’t the greatest, and who has time to cook?!

Well, you wouldn’t expect your vehicle to take you places if you didn’t fill it with gas or zap it with electricity, wouldja?  Then you can’t expect the same of your body and brain.

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How to Lose Weight: Lessons from Latin America

How to Lose Weight: Lessons from Latin America

Podcast Episode 54 What weight loss and diet insights might Latin America inspire? Weight loss expert and Fulbright scholar, Dan Fenyvesi, RD joins us and spills the beans. PLUS: A Book Give-Away!   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT: How Do Simple Meals Help You...

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First things first: I love chocolate. I love kale. And I consume them both regularly, but generally not at the same time (although, ask me about my chocolate banana kale smoothie!) I also love helping people find easy ways make their body, mind, and life just a bit better.


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