Herbs As Medicine with Ayla Barmmer

Mary Purdy, RDN talks with Ayla Barmmer, RDN about how she uses herbal medicine to help address specific concerns and support healthy nutrition.


How To Make A Smoothie That Is Easy & Yummy

In this podcast episode by Mary Purdy, RD find out how to make smoothies that are both yummy and nutritious with her step by step method.


Exercise For Busy People with Sara Dean

Mary and guest Sara Dean share their secrets to being successful with exercise & the most important key to improving your health through movement.


Microbiome | The Essential Ecosystem in Your Belly

Your microbiome is essential for many functions of the body. Mary Purdy gives us five things we can do to keep our gut bacteria happy and healthy.


Eating Healthy on a Budget and Food Accessibility with Wendy Lopez

Mary Purdy talks with Wendy Lopez MS, RDN about eating healthy on a budget when the food recommendations seem unfamiliar or out of reach.


4 Weight Loss Tips: The What, When, How and Where

Four easy ways to lose weight: Host Mary Purdy, uncovers four painless weight loss tips if you are in a place where your weight has plateaued and you are looking for new strategies that may help. [...]


Health Benefits of Turmeric: Hype or Totally Terrific?

Get the health benefits of turmeric: the bulb, the spice, the miracle worker! This incredible food can protect against cancer and inflammation all while it supports your brain, heart and liver. [...]


The Avocado Advantage

The avocado is a little miracle food. Host Mary Purdy, nutrition expert and Registered Dietitian, takes you on a tour of WHY the avocado is so powerful and HOW to make the most of it. PLUS: The [...]


Why You Need to Eat More Chocolate

Here's our Valentine's Day gift to you: good news about chocolate! Now, this isn't your permission slip to begin consuming indiscriminately, so tune in to get the ins and outs from our resident [...]


Nourish Your Skin with Christa Biegler

Skin is honest. It tells you about your internal health. If you or someone you know has eczema, acne, psoriasis, or other skin issues-- OR if you're interested in glowing, super healthy skin, [...]

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