Podcast Episode 34 & 60

Does your body feel less than 100%? Have you had a week (or month or year) of heavy eating or drinking? Did you make a new year’s resolution around your health? It may be time for a “body reset.” Taking this simple, whole food action might be just the thing.

Check out Mary’s 2-Day Body Reset Cleanse.

PLUS: The Weekly Nutrition Challenge.

(Rebroadcasted on 12/29/18. First published on 1/4/18)


WHY Should You Consider A “Body Reset” Cleanse?

What Is A Cleanse Diet?

  • Important foods & beverages to avoid during your body reset.
  • Essential foods & bevs to consume during the reset.

How To Keep Your Cleanse Simple & Easy

  • Ideas for simple breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.
  • The amazing merits of cruciferous veggies.
  • The importance of including a spectrum of nutrients during the reset.

And, The Weekly Nutrition Challenge!


If you are a health professional and seeking more information on functional nutrition, Mary will be providing a webinar with Dietitian Central  on Jan 08, 2019  1pm Pacific / 4:00 PM Eastern.

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