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I’m getting ahead of myself…

Allow me to introduce to you an amazing organic meal delivery program. It focuses on whole-food, plant-rich food and includes fresh, nutrient-dense, delicious ingredients.

Welcome to [cue dramatic music]… Sakara Life!

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I’ve heard the complaints about Sakara being expensive. Well, it ain’t cheap. But, as with most things in life, you get what you pay for. I can personally attest to 3 things:


1) This stuff is nutritious. Yep, this is my endorsement as a Registered Dietitian.

2) This stuff is delicious. (I’m a sucker for Sakara granola, among many other tasty offerings.)

3) This makes cooking easy. Um… it all comes to your home ready-to-eat, people. Could it be easier?


Maybe you came here via my FREE 2-Day Body Reset program. If you want to make my 2-Day Body Reset super easy, simply use this food. Most of it will work quite well for what we’re trying to achieve during the Body Reset weekend.


Okay, you’re curious, but you have questions. Here you go…


If you try it out, let me know how it goes!

Here’s to your health,


~ Mary


Sakara Life!

Be sure to use our discount code to save 15%: REF_MARYLOVE15

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