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And these guys sell some of the best of it…

I get nothing from plugging this co, except for the pleasure of supporting a local business I love AND the pleasure of knowing that someone else might discover the pleasure of green tea.

Did mention – green tea is also good for you! If you haven’t already checked out my podcast about caffeinated tea, here you go!…

[Mary’s Nutrition Show – Podcast Episode 23: Tea Nutrition – Healthy Caffeinated Teas]

Let me know how your tea journey goes!

Here’s to your health,

~ Mary


Mary Purdy is a Registered Dietitian with a Masters in Clinical Nutrition from Bastyr University. Past experience: Private practice (8 yrs), Adjunct professor at Bastyr University, Clinical Supervisor at Bastyr Center for Natural Health. Mary currently works as a Registered Dietitian Coach at the Scientific Wellness company, Arivale, since 2015. Mary takes an integrative and functional approach to diet, health & wellness and believes that food is medicine! For more:



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