10-Day  Food-Based Cleanse Guided by Mary Purdy

(date TBD)

Looking to increase your energy?
Manage health issues?
Improve your vitality?

Join a group
“clean eating program”/ “cleanse”/”body reset”
in the comfort of your own home!

(Only 12 spots available)


This 10-Day Food-Based Body Reset focuses on nutrient-rich foods and supportive lifestyle habits to help you feel your best.  

It includes 4 additional days of preparation (14 days total) to ensure you are ready to get started and set up for success.  

During the program, you will have daily instructions, two 1 hour live online video (zoom) presentations/Q & A’s with Registered Dietitian, Mary Purdy, as well as online support and encouragement in a closed Facebook Community where you will receive guidance  and can enjoy and experience the input and ideas from other participants as well as be able to access all documents in one handy place.

“Who knew a virtual group could work so well in supporting my daily habits! I found myself eating more slowly (thank you for the reminders, Mary) and savoring my food more than I usually do. This has been a wonderful detox, especially with all of you out there!”


“Fantastic experience for me!  Down 6 pounds and feeling lighter and more rested and energetic.  My favorite meals were the smoothies…with almond milk, bananas, apple, swiss chard, celery, chia seeds, and cashew butter…. yummy!  And I made kale chips…Yummy!!…THANK YOU, Mary!”


Food-Based Body Reset

with Supplemental Support



(3 spots available at $49 for those with low income)

* supplements extra

Your Body Reset includes:

  • Protocol with detailed explanation of the 10 days, a whole foods based menu plan, smoothie ideas, a grocery list as well as a list of specific foods to include and exclude
  • Additional educational handouts, recipes, and  resources
  • Daily facebook support, encouragement, and guidance from Mary Purdy, Registered Dietitian
  •  Two 1 hour live online video (zoom) presentations/Q & A’s with Mary Purdy, where you can ask questions and hear instructions.  The recording will be available to you if you cannot attend.
  • 20% Discount on high quality supplement company for additional support (optional separate purchase, but strongly recommended for an enhanced experience or if you are struggling with compromised health)
    • Comprehensive and delicious detoxification supportive protein powder perfect for smoothies
    • Supplement: A combo of vitamins, minerals and healthy plant chemicals to support the body’s organs of detoxification


    “I discovered how much I like eating this way and how we can really enhance the flavor of our whole foods with great spices/herbs. I’m looking forward to repeating the experience. We really learned from each other. Thank you Mary for educating and inspiring us”


    “What an experience! So much of life is spent eating; this opened the windows of my mind to fresh new eating. Thank you Mary for all of this insight!”


    (date TBD)

    Purchase Accompanying Supportive Supplements.

    You will need to set up an account but it is very easy and you get 20% off the regular price.  If cost is an issue, just choose one of the detox supplement options, but I recommend both to ensure the most optimal experience. 


    Sign up for the 10-Day Food-Based Body Reset to get started. But, wait…

    How do I know about eating for better health?

    I’m a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) with a Masters in Clinical Nutrition (MS) from Bastyr University. For 10+ years, I’ve been working in clinics, corporations, colleges, universities, online, and in media. My experience includes:

    • 1-on-1 Counseling
    • Leading group workshops
    • Speaking at Professional Health conferences
    • Adjunct Faculty at Bastyr University
    • Co-Developed a Professional Certification Module on Effect of Environmental Toxicants on Human Health and strategies to support organs of detoxification  through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.
    • Training Other Professionals
    • Being featured on radio and TV

    More Details


    You will have 4 days to ease into the process during which time you will begin to reduce certain foods in the diet and create time to shop/prepare meals.


    Mary will be sending daily encouraging, informational and idea-filled posts in the Facebook Group and will be available several times during the day to answer questions posted by participants.

    The Food!

    You will be eating a very “clean, unprocessed diet” of fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, beans/legumes, some fish, (unless you are vegetarian) herbs, spices, and healthy oils.  There WILL be flavor included in this week as well as many new food discoveries and adventures and an emphasis on minimizing exposure to environmental chemicals, reducing stress and focusing on sleep patterns as well being active and connected to things that give you a sense of joy and fulfillment.


    Having the group setting allows for daily communication, sharing of ideas, inspiration from others, and motivation/accountability throughout the process.


    “I’ve been feeling great!  Sleeping well, great energy, I’ve been enjoying working out and feeling clean! 
Thanks for all the support, Mary, this is a great cleanse!”


    “This has been transformational for our whole family. Mary –thanks so much for helping us start the year off with a bang!!”


    (date TBD)