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Hi! I’m Mary Purdy – Integrative Eco-Dietitian, Speaker, Writer and Adjunct Faculty Lecturer

An excerpt from my kindergarten teacher’s evaluation: “Food means a lot to Mary. If she doesn’t like her lunch it ruins her entire day.” It was true then, and it’s true now.

I love food! I adore the field of nutrition. And I’m passionate about our environment and sustainability.  My goal is to help people, practitioners and organizations discover how a sustainable, resilient, healthy and equitable food system can support both people and planet.

Food and lifestyle choices can give you more energy, help you feel better, prevent illness, and maybe even reverse certain disease states.  They can also play a significant role in mitigating the climate crisis and protecting the environment which is in need of extra support.

I bring my skillset, knowledge and experience to individuals, communities, organizations, educational institutions and food companies in order to connect the dots between human and planetary health, one meal at a time. With an expertise in  integrative and functional nutrition and  sustainable food systems, as well as creative communications and systems-thinking, I am your ally in working towards creating a more regenerative, equitable and healthy planet.

While I’m not currently in clinical practice, I have close to 15 years of experience seeing patients.  I am here to be an educator, adviser and/or consultant for your organization, company or students as it relates to the intersection of sustainably grown food, health, and climate change.

You can also take a look at my former youtube web series. Tune in regularly, join the conversation, boost your knowledge and your wellness while helping to support the health of the planet.

Here’s the skinny on my creds…

I’m a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) with a Masters in Clinical Nutrition (MS) from Bastyr University. I have almost 15 years of professional nutrition experience: counseling 1-on-1 with an integrative and functional medicine approach, presenting at numerous national conferences, designing courses, speaking to groups, writing articles, and training other professionals. All this in clinics, at corporations, in colleges & universities, in a nutrition textbook, via online webinars, in magazines, on the radio, and on TV.

I also am an expert in sustainable food systems and their connection to the environment, climate and human health.  In particular I have been focused on championing the role that dietitians, healthcare practitioners and food industry leaders can play in advocating for sustainability, resilience and equity in the food and agriculture system.   I also help individuals and organizations to connect and network, build community and create partnerships in order to support human and planetary health.

Currently, I am:

  • Adjunct Faculty (since 2015) at Bastyr University,  currently teaching  Sustainable Food Systems, Environment and Human Health and formerly taught Human Nutrition to both nutrition and medical students.
  • Adjunct Faculty at The Culinary Institute of America, developing and teaching “Sustainable Diets and Public Health”
  • Speaker/Guest Lecturer regularly presenting nutrition and sustainability-focused webinars and in-person lectures and at conferences for nutrition and healthcare professionals and dietetic students/interns all over the country.
  • Nutrition and Sustainability Adviser for ​Big Bold Health, a food-as-medicine platform company providing immune solutions for the 21st century connecting people and planet.
  • Coach and Instructor of the Master Class “Sustainable Diets: Eating for a 1.5 Degree world” with UK-Based Future Food Movement
  • Director of Education for The Planetary Health Collective a movement leveraging the skillsets and experience of Nutrition Professionals in the movement to mitigate the  climate crisis
  • Podcast Host of “The Nutrition Show” Podcast and Web series (formerly “Mary’s Nutrition Show”) and “The Good Clean Nutrition Podcast” sponsored by Orgain.
  • Faculty/Instructor at Integrative & Functional Nutrition Academy and online education platforms Dietitian Central and Catalyst
  • Contributing author of Krause’s Food & The Nutrition Care Process
  • Author of the Books “The Microbiome Reset Diet” and “Serving the Broccoli Gods”
  • Governing Council Member of CORA: The Coalition for Organic and Regenerative Agriculture.

Past experience:

  • Clinical Education Lead & Coach at the Scientific Wellness company, Arivale in Seattle (2015-2019)
  • Private Practice in Seattle, WA (Nourishing Balance), 8 years (2007-2015)
  • Clinical Supervisor/Faculty at Bastyr Center for Natural Health’s Teaching Clinic, (2010-2015)
  • Faculty for The Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine Fellowship, creating and facilitating the course “Human Nutrition”
  • Nutrition Director for the Kris Carr Inner Circle  Wellness Online community responding to nutrition questions and creating monthly videos on a variety of nutrition-related topics. (2020-2022)
  • Consultant and Active Committee/Steering Committee Member with numerous organizations such as:
    • Global Meatless Mondays Platform
    • Food and Climate Alliance
    • Sustainable Food Systems Subunit of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group
    • Food Justice Project  with the Community Alliance for Global Justice
    • Health and Climate Crisis Committee at Bastyr University
  • Past Chair;  Environment and Nutrition Chair of The  Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine a dietetic practice group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics with 5000+ members
  • New Member Chair of The Hunger and Environmental Nutrition dietetic practice group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics with 1200+ members
  • Clinical Dietitian at Harborview Medical Center, Seattle, WA, 2 years (2008-2010)
  • Past Board Member and President of the Greater Seattle Dietetic Association. (2006-2011)
  • Please see my Linked In Profile for more detailed information

What People Are Saying 

I left inspired by Mary Purdy's passion for living a sustainable lifestyle, reducing food waste and packaging, and overall paying more attention to our food system as a whole. While I felt as though I was doing my part by recycling and composting, Mary shared ideas for how we all can promote and encourage taking small additional steps toward improving our food system and our planet.

- Krista Ulatowski, Workshop participant

Great show! I love the playful way you share this information!

What a fun video, Mary! I'm so happy to see eggs (and cholesterol) being vindicated with such delicious humor. And thanks so much for sticking up for hens- they like to eat right, too! You and Hocus Focus Media did such a great job. I look forward to more!

I love this podcast because it's the info you really need to know. It's science based but open minded. And the episodes are done in this clever, contemporary way. I'm addicted to this podcast!

Mary delivers solid nutritional data in a creative, lighthearted way. She wraps scientific facts in a humorous and witty package to engage her audience. Thank you for helping me learn health facts while having fun.

I love that these episodes make nutrition so easy to swallow. Get it? Easy to swallow?! Love your show Mary!!

Love Your Show Mary! Amazing way to capture audience's interest while teaching important topics.

I really like your show; since I started watching your show, my fasting blood sugar has gone down from 125 to 104! I thanked my dietitians too.

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