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The Microbiome Diet Reset

By Mary Purdy, MS, RDN

Cultivating a healthy gut is the key to better overall health and well-being. The Microbiome Diet Reset provides easy to digest information on the key role that microbes play in our health and offers simple, affordable recipes as well as practical diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations to rehabilitate and maintain a well-balanced microbiome. Poop just got a whole lot more interesting!

From sour ‘n’ spicy Kimchi to hearty Four Bean Chili, as well as a host of natural remedies for common ailments, this combined cookbook and meal plan delivers everything needed to kick-start a bacteria-friendly microbiome diet. The book outlines ways to improve and support digestion and immunity, while enjoying more fresh vegetables, fermented foods, beans, and whole grains and minimizing potential gut disruptors. It’s a lighthearted approach to a complex subject that provides education and inspiration to make shifts in diet and lifestyle habits that could have a huge impact on overall wellness, all packaged with a healthy dose of humor!

Reset with this microbiome diet―your gut will love you for it.

Serving The Broccoli Gods: True Tales And Tips From A Nutritionist On A Quest

By Mary Purdy, MS, RDN

Serving the Broccoli Gods is a collection of intimate, funny and candid personal essays about life as a dietitian, interspersed with helpful and relevant nutrition tip side bars so you laugh a little AND learn a little!

From the turning point event that catapulted Mary from gritty New York City actor to kale lovin’ Seattleite nutrition professional, to her awkward Cheerio encounter with a patient’s two-year old son, the book showcases the humorous and sometimes rocky path of what it means to become the best version of your professional self.

What Others Are Saying

The Microbiome Diet Reset

“This is such an important book and I’m thrilled that Purdy has provided her expertise to share. Gut issues are so prevalent and really hurt people’s quality of life – I see this struggle with so many of my patients – and now I have a resource to send that supports one of our most important systems: the microbiome. It’s really hard to find guidance on the topic that is evidence-based and ‘how to’ and this book is IT. Her meal plan tips, the recipes, and the way she breaks down the information is just so helpful. This is a must-read for anyone that has a microbiome (and that’s all of us!)”

Ginger Hultin, MS, RDN

Serving the Broccoli Gods

Mary Purdy is pure genius when it comes to making nutrition information fun and accessible! Mary’s personal journey will inspire you…. I’d like to make this mandatory reading for all of my patients!


The Microbiome Diet Reset

“Love the easily accessible information and the recipes are great. This book is eminently practical while being full of fascinating information. Highly recommend!”


Serving the Broccoli Gods

This one’s a keeper.


The Microbiome Diet Reset

“A powerful self-guided treatment! Mary clearly displays how food is medicine, and how it can help heal your gut. This book is a trusted source you can use to heal your gut on your own, with following a few simple guidelines.”

Maria Hines, Chef and Owner of Tilth Restaurant, James Beard Award winner for Best Chef of the Northwest

Serving the Broccoli Gods

“Mary’s writing is honest, funny, and will inspire you to eat real food. I dare you to try not to fall in love with her quirky voice as she takes an honest look at her life as a nutritionist. You may just find yourself reaching for more quinoa and kale in the process, and liking it!


The Microbiome Diet Reset

“Mary Purdy does a masterful job of introducing and breaking down the microbiome in terms that are understandable and relatable. We come away with good knowledge of why a healthy microbiome is important to our health, how we may be harming our bacteria, and steps to nourish our microbiome through our diet and beyond. Furthermore, this brilliant book sets you up for success with an abundance of amazing recipes to feed and keep our bacteria happy!”

Andrea Nakayama, Founder, CEO and Clinical Director of Functional Nutrition Alliance

Serving the Broccoli Gods

Mary Purdy smartly bypasses the pedantic by sharing her own sweet, goofy, lovingly written story of forging a transformative relationship with food. You’ll follow the tale for fun and punchlines, and be sent away with a brain full of comestible wisdom


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