What’s Better: Farmed or Wild fish?

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Podcast Episode 89

Should you eat farmed fish? Which is better? Farmed or wild fish? Turns out, it’s not only about looking at the nutritional value of this finned friend, but also about looking at the the impact on the environment, ecosystems and traditional cultures. You decide: Is fish a sustainable food?


      • What impact do farmed fish have on the environment?
      • Is fish a sustainable food?
      • Where does fish poop go?
      • What does fish mean to certain Indigenous Communities?
      • Are fish eating soy? And how does this affect the nutritional value of the fish? What does Cargill have to do with it?
      • What do fish have to do with our rainforest?
      • Are Omega 3’s higher in Wild Fish?
      • What can I do with anchovies and sardines?
      • Did Mary make up the word “astaxanthin?

Yummy Sardine and Anchovy recipes below by some of my fellow dietitians

1. Spicy Southwest Sardine Bites, by Lauren Harris-Pincus, MS, RDN. IG: @LaurenPincusRD

2. Garlicky Pasta with Broccoli and Anchovies by Kaitlin Eckstein, MPH, RD, LD with Rebecca Bitzer and Associates. FB: @marylanddietitians (Feel free to replace the parm with nutritional yeast if you are vegan.)

3. Sardines on Toast with Roasted Tomatoes by Kaitlin Eckstein, MPH, RD, LD with Rebecca Bitzer and Associates. FB: @marylanddietitians

The Whidbey Institute: https://whidbeyinstitute.org/

Sign the  petition to boycott GE Salmon HERE

Photo by Paco Joss on Unsplash

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Mary Purdy, MS, RDN, dishes out easy-to-digest information and tips about nutrition, lifestyle, and sustainable foods, backed by over 12 years of clinical experience, a passion for sustainability, and a healthy sense of humor.

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ABOUT MARY: Mary Purdy is an Integrative Eco- Dietitian with a Masters in Clinical Nutrition from Bastyr University where she is Adjunct Faculty and a Clinical Supervisor at their teaching clinic. She writes, consults and  speaks at conferences throughout the year,  and was the Keynote speaker at the 2019 Bastyr University Commencement. Past experience includes:

  • 4 years as Coach and Clinical Education Lead at Arivale, Seattle
  • 8 years in private practice
  • 5 years Clinical Supervisor at Bastyr Center for Natural Health

Mary takes an integrative/holistic approach to diet, health & wellness, promotes plant-based and sustainable eating habits and believes that food is medicine!

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  1. Erja

    Wow, this was an amazingly eye-opening episode!! I’ve always wondered about this difference, but there were so many points here I never would have even considered!

    • Mary Purdy RD

      Thanks for listening, Erja! And yes, lots of food for thought (fish for thought?) We appreciate your comment. This kind of feedback makes my day :))

  2. Cheryl Orlansky, RDN

    I love Mary’s podcasts, so timely. I wanted to comment on a sustainable lake farmed Scottish salmon: https://lochduart.com

    It’s Scottish farmed raised salmon in a natural environment. The diet is controlled, natural for the fish
    It is the first salmon farming company in the world to become RSPCA assured and endorsed by the French quality assurance scheme, Label Rouge. It is top notch as they sell it in my local butcher shop in Atlanta. It’s pricey but well worth it if you have the availability. The most delicious salmon I have ever had. Appreciate the advice on genetically engineered salmon too.

    • Mary Purdy RD

      Thank you so much, Cheryl! We appreciate your kind words and also knowing about this resource. I’m sure some of our listeners will be interested in having this information! Thanks for your support.


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