Mary’s Healthy Smoothie Guide

Mastering The Blender: Let’s Make Healthy Smoothies Yummy AND Easy

Smoothies are a great way to get a daily dose of those high-antioxidant, high-fiber foods that you likely need more of, like dark leafy greens and flax seeds, as well superfoods like spirulina or maca.

Get started by downloading the Healthy Smoothie Guide: This printable sheet can go right on your fridge so it’s handy every morning. Just pick an ingredient from each category and you will never get bored with your healthy, yummy smoothies.

Start your blender!

What Do You Get In The Healthy Smoothie Guide?

Mix and Match List of foods to include in your smoothie for great taste and maximum health benefits. Post the list on your fridge and grab an ingredient from each section when you want to make an easy, healthy smoothie.

Six Dietitian-Recommended Recipes to get you started

1.  Tropical Turmeric Smoothie with Mango & Coconut
2.  Green Breakfast Smoothie
3.  Blueberry Smoothie Bowl
4.  Wild Blueberry & Lavender Smoothie
5.  Orange Strawberry Squash Smoothie
6.  Creamy Orange & Carrot Smoothie

Watch Mary’s Facebook Live Episode On Smoothies And Protein Powders

A whole show about healthy smoothies! Mary tells you all you need to know for making easy and yummy smoothies that are even good for you. And, find out the one ingredient that Mary loves to include in her smoothies that you would normally find in a burrito.

Healthy Smoothies Make An Easy Breakfast

Still wondering if you really even need to bother with breakfast? Mary explains all the reasons why it really is the most important meal of the day in this short video:

How Do I Know About Eating For Better Health, You Ask?

As the host of Mary’s Nutrition Show, I have inspired many to eat better through my podcasts, live shows, and videos. Together with Keith Hitchcock, the show producer (and my husband!), we cover the topics that have come up most often in my clinical practice and as faculty at Bastyr University and the Integrative & Functional Nutrition Academy.

I’m a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) with a Masters in Clinical Nutrition (MS) from Bastyr University. For 10+ years, I’ve been working in clinics, corporations, colleges, universities, online, and media providing:

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