My new book, The Microbiome Diet Reset”

is out June 23rd but available for pre-order here or if you ask your local bookstore!

Cultivating a healthy gut is the key to better overall health and well-being. The Microbiome Diet Reset will get you on the right path with scientifically backed information about the role of the microbiome on your health, easy, affordable recipes you can make in minutes as well as practical recommendations to rehabilitate and maintain a well-balanced microbiome.

From sour ‘n’ spicy Kimchi to hearty Four Bean Chili, this combined cookbook and meal plan delivers everything you need to kick-start a bacteria-friendly microbiome diet. You’ll boost your metabolism and your immune system while enjoying more fresh vegetables, fermented foods, beans, and whole grains. Reset with this microbiome diet―your gut will love you for it

Want info NOW?  Take a listen to our podcast on the topic of The Microbiome!