Nutrition for Thyroid: Health and Hope For Hashimoto’s

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Podcast Episode 77

Having thyroid issues doesn’t always mean that the thyroid is what needs to be treated. Most hypothyroidism can be attributed to the autoimmune disease called “Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis”.

In this episode, you’ll find out how to support your body with nutrition and lifestyle habits that support overall health of the body and may be able to bring thyroid function back into balance.


  • What role does the thyroid play in health?
  • What are symptoms of a poorly functioning thyroid?
  • What does immune function have to do with the thyroid?
  • What nutrients support the thyroid? What foods should I include or avoid?
  • What the heck is selenium? What’s in the anti-inflammatory diet?
  • What effect do environmental & “endocrine disrupting chemicals have?
  • Is the THYroid connected to the HIP bone?
  • Why do Keith and Mary sing so much?


MENTIONED ON SHOW: Supporting your gut health is essential for optimal thyroid function. Check out Mary’s new book “The Microbiome Diet Reset” for more ideas around how to support that important eco-system in your belly. Link here:
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  • 4 years as Coach and Clinical Education Lead at Arivale, Seattle
  • 8 years in private practice (8 yrs)
  • 5 years Clinical Supervisor at Bastyr Center for Natural Health
Mary takes an integrative/holistic approach to diet, health & wellness, promotes plant-based and sustainable eating habits and believes that food is medicine! MARY’S BOOK: Serving the Broccoli Gods DOWNLOAD MARY’S FREE GUIDE: 2-Day Body Reset
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