Should I Eat Organic?


Podcast Episode 76

Is organic food better than conventionally grown food? Find out why supporting organic farming might just benefit both you and the planet.


      • Why is it important to eat/buy organic?
      • How do organic & sustainable farming practices benefit the environment?
      • How does organic farming help human health?
      • What’s soil got to do with it?
      • Can bacteria be good?
      • Are all celery stalks equal?
      • Does Starbucks sell Kumquats?


Can I wash OFF pesticides? Yes. Kind of. Thoroughly rinsing can help reduce pesticide residues. You can also soak in white vinegar or try this produce spray: Biokleen Produce Wash.

There are farmers out there who may not be “certified organic” but who are still practicing sustainable and regenerative agriculture modes of farming, like the folks at Skinny Kitty Farms ( Talk to your farmers about their farming techniques!

References about benefits of Organic:

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Rodale Institute 


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  1. karan joshi

    I feel strongly about it and really like mastering more on this subject. If feasible, as you acquire experience, would you mind updating your blog with much more information. It is very helpful for me. thanks for sharing amazing information.

    • Mary Purdy RD

      Thanks, Karen! Feel free to take a look at the educational resources I have made available on the site here:

      Keep on learning! I will too. – Mary


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